Complex Litigation

December 05, 2007

Jim Ughetta, along with local counsel Mark Kircher of Quarles & Brady in Milwaukee, received a unanimous decision in favor of our client from a three-arbitrator panel in Wausau, Wisconsin, after hearing the testimony of several witnesses and the arguments of counsel. Our client, a helmet manufacturer, was sued by a woman who sustained multiple facial fractures requiring three surgeries and the implantation of four plates after a rock thrown by a snowmobile struck her helmet’s face shield. The arbitrators accepted the testimony of the defense expert that there was no defect in the helmet’s design that was causally related to her injuries. The case had been removed from the court system to arbitration to save litigation expenses for our client.

November 22, 2007

Working with our Alabama local counsel, we moved for and were granted dismissal of an Alabama house fire case. The court accepted our position that there was insufficient evidence that the product alleged to have started the fire was manufactured by our client.

October 25, 2007

Jin Park, Jim Ughetta, Michael Bai and Romelia Leach won dismissal in a case involving serious personal injuries and a death filed in New York Supreme Court, Putnam County. Plaintiffs alleged defects in our client's automotive restraint system. The Court accepted the argument that our client did not have sufficient contact with New York State to justify forcing them to defend a lawsuit there.