Complex Litigation

We pride ourselves on the unique backgrounds of our lawyers and staff, each with a different perspective but united in the common goals of excellence, ethically serving our clients, and learning from each other.  The firm does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy or any other classification protected by law.  But simply because it is "the law" is not why we do it.  We understand that in the diverse and interconnected world in which we live and work it is essential that we engage and embrace people with different experiences and backgrounds in our work.

A firm populated with many different cultural, ethnic, religious, racial, social and geographical backgrounds is the way we do business.  We recruit smart, interesting people with diverse experiences, opinions and ideas.  This leads to better thinking and better service to our clients and our community.  Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is based on a core belief that attorneys and staff from diverse backgrounds and experiences offer the best opportunity to deliver the superior legal services our clients expect and demand.

To ensure that we continue to have an inclusive and diverse environment, we have dedicated firm resources and talent toward the recruitment, retention and advancement of highly skilled attorneys and staff from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  As of February 2014, 20% percent of Littleton Joyce’s partnership and 53% percent of the firm’s associates and special counsel are comprised of minority attorneys.  27% percent of the firm’s partnership and 53% of the firm's associates and special counsel are comprised of women attorneys.